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911 Sculptures
Concrete Sculpture and Concrete Scultures of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

This is a Cook County Police Officer reacting to the touch of the Echo 11 sculpture as it was on tour and display in September 2013.

The two sculptures, Echo 11 and the UT6 and All were shown at the Chicago Daley Plaza, for anyone to view.  Sandra was very proud to have one of her very own sculptures placed next to the famous Picasso sculpture in that plaza.  Picasso never said what his sculpture represented or what to call it.  San’s very own father worked at U.S. Steel where the sculpture was fabricated.  Picasso had donated the design to be able to make this but it still cost over 350,000 dollars for the steel mill to produce it.  Below is the photo of San’s sculptures on the Mountain Crane Truck and the Picasso together in the same space.

Mountain Crane was the main instrument in even being able to have this tour.  They gave of their time and service, and funds to bring the Echo 11 and the UT6 and all through 22 states across our nation from Florida to Utah.

Concrete Sculptures on U.S. Tour

As these two sculptures traveled around the U.S., many who came in contact with them could not help themselves but to reach out and touch the surface in a very humbling way.  Whether you were there when we came through your towns major league baseball stadium, NASCAR RACEWAY, Nashville, TN, small town park, downtown Indianapolis, Chicago Daley Plaza by the famous Picasso sculpture, Moore, OK to bring healing to those already hurting, Amarillo, TX, a few military forts along the way, Universities, a football stadiums, and all those small towns visited in Utah on the tour, we were given a few keys to certain cities, received by military, police, first responders, cheerleaders, schools, Navajo Nation representatives, Governors, Mayors, and the press. Many of the Gold Star Families came out and San was very happy to see how much of a positive, healing response was given by all.

Concrete Sculptures on U.S. Tour
Concrete Sculpture
Concrete Sculptures
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