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911 Sculptures
Concrete Sculpture and Concrete Scultures of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

Husqvarna Wire Cutting Process

Weeks before the first block of concrete was going to be delivered, Cougar Cutting needed the use of a wire saw and got in contact with Husqvarna. They shipped a brand new CS 2512 Husqvarna wire saw to Florida for this project. San was so surprised to meet the three Husqvarna reps who came to use this saw for they were already in town for the National Concrete Cutters Convention being held just down the street at the Hyatt in Bonita Springs. Not only that, Clay Morphis, the South Carolina Regional Rep. said he knew the concrete block as soon as he came back to look at it. When San asked how, he stated that when he heard the concrete needed cutting, he just had to come. He told San he was the rep who sold all the diamond wires to the people in charge of cutting the foundation wall in the first place. He told her he had been to ground zero many times. Then there was Johan Ekstrom, Project and saw training manager for the US, out of Kansas and Joe Baillargeon, district manager for sales in Florida. These guys wanted to make the first maiden cut on the Sculpture and gave of their time to do it as a gift to the project.

Concrete Sculpture and Concrete Scultures of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

Different Stages of Wire Cutting by Husqvarna

Concrete Sculpture and Concrete Scultures of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

11up Cougar Cutting INC. Cuts into Rough Form Shape

The second stage of cutting was given also as a gift from the owners of Cougar Cutting INC., Ron Schmitt the Dad, Brandon and Andrew his sons. They had Joey Patnaude, George Belanger and Juan Ramos assist in all the cutting processes, including the Husqvarna first cuts. San says, "Juan and Joey and I worked directly with one another on a 10 hour, long day, outside in the hot sun while they waited patiently as I measured and got the main design right before we made the cuts which had to be right. Each step had to be taken with caution, to make sure it the design I had chosen, could support the weight of the 'V' as it was splayed out. Juan did an excellent job in these artistic cuts and it allows me to finish with my smaller saws, grinders and polishers to perfect the shape. I could not of done it without them."

Concrete Sculpture
Concrete Sculptures
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