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911 Sculptures
Concrete Sculpture and Concrete Scultures of 9/11 and the World Trade Center

I feel and know how important it is for any community to have a place to go visit, heal and educate themselves and others about 9/11.
I feel and know that Project 11UP needed to be created to represent the hope and rebuilding of our nation and the world since that day.
I feel and know that Project 11UP does this by providing a way for us to help people from all over the world heal, have a place to contemplate and reflect with sculptures made out of concrete from 9/11. 
I feel and know that it is important for us, our children and future generations to never forget.

Once the clean-up process of 9/11 progressed they had to make way for a new PATH subway tunnel by cutting through the existing concrete slurry foundation wall.  Project 11UP has only seventeen cut out pieces salvaged from that 4 foot thick wall that surrounded the Twin Towers and the entire World Trade Center in New York City to be made into historical sculptures.  The wall was the only thing left standing after that day and I feel and know that this wall represents our strength and fortitude as a Nation.

If you are the type of person who likes to improve your community, are grateful for our military forces and police departments who protect our freedoms and admire the care that is given to us every day by our first responders, then you might want to pick up the torch and start a campaign for a 9/11 Memorial for your own.  One way is to start a discussion, or think tank to bring together those individuals passionate enough to see how this could benefit your city, town, organization or club.  I feel and know it will become a moving experience for all of you.  Some sculptures are already completed and placed in the United States.  No more parts of that wall will ever come up and out of the ground for the new buildings have already gone up in the area.  Time is of the essence for you to choose a block to be sculpted for your communities’ purpose.

San welcomes national and international requests both.

Concrete Sculpture and Concrete Scultures of 9/11 and the World Trade Center


September 11, 2001: That fateful day in history that none of us will forget. We all watched either on Television, heard things on the radio or computer or had the unfortunate quirk of fate to of been in any of the three locations to witness this day in person. Many lives were lost either in the planes or on the ground. We were now realizing our own humanity like never before and saw the bravery on the faces of the First Responders, volunteers, and the military action that soon followed thereafter.

September 17, 2001 A week later Sandra Priest has to drive instead of flying from Florida to Chicago to her Brother Steve’s wedding. As she is driving through Atlanta, Georgia, San can’t help but notice that the Atlanta airport is quiet but the highways are very busy and appear vascular like veins pumping through the city. She also sees concrete sewer pipes lining the roadside appearing to look to her like the backbone of our Nation. She is realizes in a flash, the fact that life goes on. As an artist, she immediately knows she must do something creative and dedicated to 9/11. San starts photographing concrete pipes, street signs and license plates that remind her of that day compiling a history of her driving trips around North America over the next 5 years.

2006: San lived in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 2005 through 2007 where she created the website http://www.sancrete.com where she wrote about her first idea to place 9/11 memorial sculptures strategically around the globe made out of concrete pipe, as walk through pieces. There was a full page article written in the Morning Call local Newspaper. San then made plans to create her first piece to be shown in the Las Vegas area as a prototype allowing her to see how her idea would be received.

2007: San created a sculpture out of a 96 inch concrete pipe that you could walk through. You would then come out the other side with a different outlook on 9/11 after seeing the images she sculpted and painted inside. This piece was showcased at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada. San met many from around the world that had some kind of connection and story to 9/11. That sculpture is in Moapa, Nevada.

Fall of 2009: Rich Parrish, CEO and his partner Bill Lavan of Impact Environmental, were overseeing the removal of the concrete slurry wall to make room for the new transportation subway hub at the New World Trade Center. After observing many of the pieces of concrete being cut out and removed, Rich Parrish realized that some of these blocks should be saved and created into historical art sculptures, instead of being ground up at a recycling plant.

January 2010: Rich Parrish and Bill Lavan were now attending a convention with their Pennsylvanian work associate, John Krapf. They started a long conversation about the blocks of concrete and their importance. John Krapf spoke up and said he would protect them on his land and would be honored to help see the art project through. John Krapf then upon returning to Pennsylvania told his employees and his wife Kay, that the 9/11 foundation blocks will be starting to come in and that they should be placed out of harm’s way on his 80 acre site in Northampton, Pennsylvania. It was decided John Krapf would also be the one to find the artist for he was so passionate about protecting the blocks and seeing them turned into art.

March 10, 2010: John passed away, accidently, shortly after the blocks were set in place on his land. All of the good intentions for these sculptures were also laid to rest for several months for everyone involved was grieving over the loss of John as a larger than life man who was generous at heart and revered by all.

December 10, 2010: Nine months to the day, after John passed away, Rich Parrish was up late that evening working in his computer and realized no one had picked up the torch to find an artist. He finally emailed three artists about 2:00 a.m. in the morning. Out of the three contacted, one never responded, another said, “My God, that is such a large task, I honestly would not know where to begin!” and the only one who responded back with great enthusiasm at 4:30 a.m. that same morning was San Priest. Later that morning when San spoke to Rich and asked where the blocks were, he said just outside of Allentown, PA. San could not believe it for that is where, 5 years earlier, she came up with the idea to have concrete memorial sculptures. She had been having a hard time convincing folks in the US that the concrete pipes were memorials. Rich explained to her that this was the concrete she needed for her sculptures.

December 16, 2010 San immediately flew out to Pennsylvania to see the concrete and make an assessment as to how it could be sculpted. When Rich asked San to create the first piece as a gift, she could not refuse. As part of her being able to take on such a task, she agreed to do this first piece but insisted that Rich and Bill let her create the entire project herself and not give the concrete out to several artists in the United States. They agreed and Project 11UP was on its way as a historical journey born out of Rich, Bill and John’s vision, to San’s imagination and idea formed 5 years earlier.

March 4, 2011: Kay Krapf, the widow of John, got a surprise call from Rich Parrish and he told her that John’s dream of having some of the blocks sculpted was coming true. He said he was on his way down to Florida to meet the artist San and the truck delivering the first block of concrete. Kay reminded Rich that she had a vacation home in Marco Island, Florida an hour from San’s studio and she would meet him there. The first block of 9/11 slurry wall concrete arrived at San’s studio in Fort Myers, Florida. Rich and Kay met San for the first time on that day after many hours of negotiations and design concepts. This first block of concrete is received by all there including the Marines dressed in Blue, the press and family and friends.

May 2, 2011: The death of Osama Bin Laden has happened. San knows now the name for this first sculpture and calls it, ‘VICTORII REBUILD’. She realizes this is in honor of those lost and for the hope and rebuilding of our nation and the globe.

June 2011: San is having an almost perfect sculpting experience with the concrete. It is a moving and beautiful experience but she feels that in order to finish this first sculpture, she must go see Ground Zero for the first time. San originally did not want to go to New York to protect her artistic vision, but she decides it is time and meets Kay in Pennsylvania and they drive over to NYC. Rich and Bill are still working on the 9/11 site so San and Kay are shown the site in a very special way. Kay and San are very close now, for they have a common vision to see this project of the sculptures completed.

August 30, 2011: The ‘VICTORII REBUILD’ sculpture is completed and will be shipped to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Mayor John Callahan of Bethlehem, PA called San and asked if he could have the honor of placing the artwork in Payrow Plaza, downtown Bethlehem in between City Hall and the main library.

September 4, 2011: San left for her solo journey driving to Shanksville, PA, to see the Flight 93 Memorial, then to the Pentagon Memorial and finally arrived to set up ‘VICTORII REBUILD’ in Bethlehem.

September 11, 2011 The sculpture is in place and the 10 year memorial dedication ceremony was with Mayor Callahan, Rich Parrish, Bill Lavan, Kay Krapf, family and some of Bethlehem’s citizens. This sculpture was dedicated to John Krapf for originally saving the concrete on his land and for the coming home of this piece. Most of the aggregate stone came from this location and the Lehigh Valley as the first area in the United States to make concrete. These speeches can be seen on YouTube.
Mayor Callahan
Rich Parrish
San Priest

April 2012: Ted Flory, San’s cousin and employee of Oregon State University, had been in contact with San and asked if they could have a smaller 150 lb. piece of sculpture for the University. San agreed and presented ‘Socratic Way’ to the University. It was received by the University President Ed Ray. It is there on permanent display in their Memorial Union Hall on campus, dedicated to all those men and women who have served and are still serving for the protection of our country and our freedoms and liberties.

February 2013: San was contacted by Mountain Crane, a company in Salt Lake City, Utah. They flew San out to discuss her project. At the end of a couple meetings, Dave and Raette Belcher, some of the owners of Mountain Crane, decided they wanted to place a sculpture in their city. San had already been working on two sculptures in her studio and they chose one of those to be their very own. The sculpture of their choice was named UT6 & All as the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial. The location of placement was then decided to be at the Fort Douglas National Military Museum on the Campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake.

August 2013: Instead of just shipping their art sculpture straight to Utah, they also thought it would be nice to have it be part of a long distance tour throughout the United States. UT6 & All was chosen along with the other sculpture San completed named Echo11 to be transported on a two month tour with stops at Red Sox training camp stadium in Fort Myers, Florida on August 31st, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Atlanta Braves, Memorial Square in Downtown Indianapolis, Daley Center in Chicago, a St. Louis Cardinals Game, Moore, Oklahoma, Amarillo, Texas, and several military forts, finishing up in Salt Lake City, Utah. The sculptures were met all along the way by Patriot Riders, military, police, EMT workers, firemen and the general public. A side staircase on the flat bed semi-truck allowed all to step up, view and touch the sculptures, take photos and have a moment of meditative silence if needed.

October 21, 2013: The permanent placement of the UT6 & All, Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial Sculpture was sanctioned by speeches given by Governor Herbert, Raette Belcher and Robert Voyles the museum director. The sculpture was now sitting in a most beautiful park like setting complete with landscaping, memorial brick pavers a large Gazebo and a magnificent flag pole reaching up into the sky and a hand built base to set the sculpture upon made out of the local red rock. That base holds a time capsule for a future opening date consisting of letters from some of the fallen soldiers’ families. The community had come together to build the park just for this sculpture, giving their all to a labor of love and humble spirits as gifts.

March to May 2014: Mountain Crane had kept the Echo11 sculpture for a short tour around the west in Utah and some of the surrounding states to show the public once more the power of this project and how it has helped so many to heal and feel at peace when they come in contact with this part of 9/11history. It was always Sans intention to bring this 9/11 art out to the people as she knows many are so far away from the three sites of New York, Pennsylvania and D.C. October 2014: The sculpture Echo11 comes back to Sans Florida studio along with three other pieces shipped from Kays land so San can work on them side by side.

June 2015: Besides the Echo11, San has now designed and created three more sculptures. First, Joy11 is dedicated to all the children lost in 9/11 and left behind after losing a loved one in 9/11. It has childlike drawings sculpted into the surface of all 4 sides from age groups 1 to 17 years old. These drawings resemble ancient petroglyphs, roughly hewn in a childlike fashion. The second sculpture is named Sundial11 and is dedicated to all the First Responders. It has a convex area reminiscent of the old Roman sundials carved into concrete forms from thousands of years ago. It represents the timeless effort all First Responders make to get to their emergency situation in a timely manner. The Sundial11 sculpture will be able to tell time by the sun as it is set in the right configuration at its permanent location. The third one San has worked on is called Barney11, after her childhood dog Barney, a collie beagle mix. Barney11 is dedicated to all the rescue animals at the 9/11 sites and to all of the other animals all over the world who continue to find and rescue people and other animals.

August 2015: San has now brought all the remaining 11 pieces of slurry wall concrete to her studio in Florida. They now have joined the other 4 to form a circle of hope and rebuilding on her one acre lot. This circle of 15 pieces of concrete is magnificent. It has been called very moving, highly powerful and a site to be seen. Many have for whatever reason, told San the circle reminds them of Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. It certainly seems to be vibrating some kind of good feelings when you are there in the middle of it all. San is starting to bring groups out to the site for small and large gatherings. Some nights a fire pit is burning in the center for guests to enjoy or other times school, civic and the general public come out during the day. Please stop by and see these great pieces of history by calling San at 239-269-5733.

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